The Call to Worship today began with these verses of Charles Wesley:

Thou callest me to seek thy face,    ‘Tis all I wish to seek; To attend the whispers of thy grace,      And hear thee inly speak.

The First Reading from 1 King 19:9-13 closes with Elijah hearing “A still small voice.” This must have been in Charles’s awareness in those verses of his, and so our sermon is entitled, “Whispers of Grace.” We explore the story of Charles Wesley and the extraordinary gift of his writing about 7,500 poems and hymns. The challenge to each of us: “What are you doing creatively to sustain the inner whisperings of grace that flood your soul with the grace and love of Jesus?

The Responsive Reading of Psalm 32 was the one that the Holy Spirit used to bring to Charles the fullness of his experience of forgiveness and the gratuity of God’s Grace.

Today also concludes the five-week series on the 6th chapter of the Gospel of St. John. Resource for this sermon: Adamthwaite, Murray R.. Through the Christian Year with Charles Wesley: 101 Psalms and Hymns (p. 17). Kindle Edition

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