The familiar phrase “Done and Done” invites us to consider that what Jesus did on the cross, with his final words, “It is finished,” is indeed done and done. The Scripture from Hebrews 10:11-14; 19-25 carries this same sense of completion. Nothing more need be done than accepting the gratuitous gift of grace. The Baptism of Mark Alton Weinberg celebrates this fact of grace and salvation, urging us all to descend into the saving waters of our own baptism or whatever ritual gesture we expressed, that made our decision to surrender to the saving act of God’s great love for us. Note: The monk from India that was referenced in the sermon is Bede Griffith. For more information about him and the need for balance between masculine and feminine energies in world religions, see Matthew Fox’s daily meditations.

Our in-person and online worship every Sunday beginning with songs of praise at 9:45 am. Special celebration today: the Baptism of Mark Alton Weinberg.

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