The tragic death of 29 persons in one day of two massacres changed the manner in which I thought I would begin the sermon: no jokes, just pure seriousness.  However welcoming two former members of the church was met with such mutual joy on the part of those from the congregation who were so happy to see them, that a surge of joy welled up within me.  I decided then and there to share a few funny incidents from my Uncle Spence and then one from my Dad.

Greed is referenced in both of today’s reading: Colossians 3:1-11 and today’s Gospel, Luke:12:13-21. Greed saps and sucks out compassion.  Corporate vested interested are locking our US Congress into inaction and gridlock on some very important issues around gun violence.

I share about two persons who lived out the gift of generosity.  One, the Marquis de Lafayette and friend of George Washington and what he did with the abundant crops from his estate in France. The other was Robert Fulghum, the author of the famous book, “All that I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”  The work was translated into 27 languages!   He became fabulously wealthy, yet continue to live a very simple life-style.  Hear what he said to himself when he went on occasions to visit his grave where he would eventually be buried. All of us are going to pass this century: our shelf-life is limited! I share the story of what one lady did who put the first two digits of her death-date on her tombstone…

“YOU are God’s barn!”  A flip in understanding the barn from the Gospel helps us to realize how much God’s fullness rests in us and is at work in us…if we let God do God’s work in us!

Proclamation of the Gospel: Luke 12:13-21

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