My soul magnifies the Lord. Luke 1:46

Many folks find themselves wanting more and more “likes” on their Facebook or Instagram posts. Photos of one’s face or what a person had for breakfast find clicks of likes. Facial and body images can be altered to look better than the real person. This concern about looking good has escalated into a potentially great problem: “Body Dysmorphc Disorder” (BDD).

This can morph more deeply into a “Soul Dysmorphia.” Here one’s identity is no longer transparent. When your soul is transparent to the gift that you have been given by God, then when people see you, it is more than “What you see is what you get.” You can more than yourself: the other gets God!

The gift of Mary, mother of Jesus, is lifted when she cries out, “My soul magnifies the Lord!” Your soul and mine make God greater, magnifiying God like a magnifying glass, when we are true to ourselves.

Hear the story of a once homeless woman who was able to get out of her misery and succeed in life. Listen to what happens when she is jilted by her fiancé after having put down half of the cost of the reception!

Gospel: Luke 14:1-14
Sermon: “Soul Transparency”

This is the First Sunday in Kingdomtide. There are thirteen weeks in this final quarter of this year’s “Seasons of Grace,” the liturgical year revised according to the cycle of The Bible Through the Seasons. For a calendar of this whole year, together with ways to interpret the church year, visit the menu item “Seasons of Grace: Liturgical Calendar”.

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