Whenever there are five Sundays in a month, we widen our voices, our talents and our joy, just to sing, to listen and be grateful for the gift of music.

“Amazing Grace” Michael Pinnella, Keyboard. Andrew Vilchez, Saxophone
Luke 16:19-31 – Spanish. Gina Connolly
Gospel in English – Pastor Nick
Two Aberdeen Day Experiences
Testimonies: Gina, Lisa, Blanche, Pat, and others.
Medley: “Praise Him in the Sanctuary” Beverly Karlovich and Choir

This is the Fifth Sunday in Kingdomtide. There are thirteen weeks in this final quarter of this year’s “Seasons of Grace,” the liturgical year revised according to the cycle of The Bible Through the Seasons. For a calendar of this whole year, together with ways to interpret the church year, visit the menu item “Seasons of Grace: Liturgical Calendar”.

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