This first of our Family Sundays had us have lots of fun with a mock tug of war in the sanctuary. Standing firm in the Lord, yet letting go so that God can work.

Paul’s letter from prison has some “one-liners” encouraging us in today’s reading. Here are a few others:

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow;
it empties today of its strength.

Corrie Ten Boom

What we have before us are some breathtaking opportunities
disguised as insoluble problems.

James Gardner
Philippians 4:1;4-9. In Spanish. Click to read in English
John 16:12-14 ;21-22
Sermon: “Hang On and Let Go”

This is the Eleventh Sunday in Kingdomtide.
There are thirteen weeks in this final quarter of this year’s “Seasons of Grace,” the liturgical year revised according to the cycle of The Bible Through the Seasons. For a calendar of this whole year, together with ways to interpret the church year, visit the menu item “Seasons of Grace: Liturgical Calendar”.

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