We live in a culture that is sleep-deprived. So how can Jesus urge us to stay awake more? Some humorous examples from Pastor when he fell asleep at inappropriate times…

However, there’s a deeper point. Supermarkets and department stores lure us into a kind of trance to get us to shop, in which we are asleep to deeper levels of our connection with God and one another.

Alfred Delp, a Jesuit priest imprisoned and executed by the Nazis wrote Prison Meditations that were smuggled out of Germany. Here is a quote:

“Advent is the time for rousing. Man is shaken to the very depths, so that he may wake up to the truth of himself. The primary condition for a fruitful and rewarding Advent is renunciation, surrender. Man must let go of all his mistaken dreams, his conceited poses and arrogant gestures, all the pretenses with which he hopes to deceive himself and others.

Mateo 24:42-44 (Spanish)
The Gospel
The sermon: “Stay Awake”—Really?!

This is the First Sunday in Advent, Year A
For a calendar of this new church year, click “Seasons of Grace 2020” For ways to interpret the church year according to The Bible Through the Seasons, visit the menu item “Seasons of Grace: Liturgical Calendar”.

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