The beauty of this congregation is the movement of the Holy Spirit throughout: laughter, caring, listening, compassion. The Spirit prays as connections with one another are made. This is how John in his Gospel shares the progression of the titles of Jesus, as one disciple shares with the next one, as runners passing the baton. This all begins with John the Baptist “passing the torch” to Jesus as John lets go of his disciples and turns them over to Jesus.

The First Reading: Isaiah 49:1-7

The Gospel in Spanish: Juan 1:35-42
Gospel in English: John 1:35-50
The Sermon: “The Torch and the Baton”
See images below that were projected during the sermon.
Offertory Meditation: David Bomersbach

This is the Third of Eight Sundays in Epiphany.
For a calendar of this church year, click “Seasons of Grace 2020” For ways to interpret the church year according to The Bible Through the Seasons, visit the menu item “Seasons of Grace: Liturgical Calendar”.

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