The swooping down of turkey vultures as they aim to pick at roadkill, strangely suggests an image of the light of Jesus swooping down on the first disciples. This swooping light was so powerful, that the mere calling of the disciples was enough for them to totally reorient their life to being disciples of Jesus. And so it is with us: the call itself has the power of the Holy Spirit swooping into our souls.

The Gospel: Matthew 4: 12-23
The Sermon: “Light Swooping into Darkness”
Circling for the roadkill
Up close and personal. Sensitive sense of smell.
An old buzzard!
Blessing before the meal!

This is the Fourth of Eight Sundays in Epiphany.
For a calendar of this church year, click “Seasons of Grace 2020” For ways to interpret the church year according to The Bible Through the Seasons, visit the menu item “Seasons of Grace: Liturgical Calendar”.

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