A brief meditation began the sermon, with a view to simply experiencing the simple fact of our existence. This is the point of connection, the point of contact with God through the Holy Spirit who is one with our breathing.

What would it be like of we placed on the church board: “Athiests Welcome!” Explaining the “Alpha-privitive.” Other examples are apathy, not compassion, analgesia, no pain, and anesthetic, no feeling.

How we need to resist defining ourselves by what separates us from each other, whether politics or denominations or religions.

“A-thiesm” is the negation of “theism.” So many construe God to be a God instead of Being itself. Some reject God with the association of theism connected to expressions of religion which reveal pride, privilege and sometimes hypocrisy.

The First Reading: Deuteronomy 30:15-20

The Second Reading in Spanish: 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 
The Second Reading in English
The Sermon: “Soul Discovery”

This is the Seventh of Eight Sundays in Epiphany.
For a calendar of this church year, click “Seasons of Grace 2020” For ways to interpret the church year according to The Bible Through the Seasons, visit the menu item “Seasons of Grace: Liturgical Calendar”.

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