My Dad’ Clock

I gather the essence of my message to the children and their families in this “Alphabyte” from Clock As old as my memory, the face of a family clock turns toward min... Read More

When Joy Is Hijacked

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As colors of a rainbow, each of the gifts of the Spirit weave themselves through each other. Joy is hijacked when some other negative disposition, anger or focus on self, gets in the way. These hijack... Read More

The Meaning of the Wounds

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By cutting himself off from the community, Thomas cut himself off from faith. Remember that! The presence of Jesus was enough for him and it is more than enough for you. “Blessed are those who have ... Read More

Creative Hands

Five times in two verses, Jesus proclaims the moment of glorification for him.  Judas has left to unfold the plot of betayal—the moment of what we could call the greatest evil, opens the doorway to... Read More

No Greater Love

The hour for Jesus arrives when some Greek persons ask to see Jesus.  This is the moment when the rupture with the Jewish system begins.  In place of the Jewish people who as a body reject Jesus, th... Read More

“The Empty Temple”

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Jesus Cleansing the Temple turns our attention upon the inner temple of our hearts. The Spirit of God wants this temple to be empty so that God can totally enter this space. I was influenced by Meiste... Read More

Embraced by Grace

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The opening prayer for worship defines the movement of today’s sermon. Lord God, from the farthest corners of the universe to the most tender place within our hearts Your Grace abounds with  en... Read More

Good News First

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We follow Jesus in a typical day for him, inspiring us to do the same. Fervent prayer and Scripture at the beginning of the day serves to release the power of the Holy Spirit as Good News, that pre-em... Read More

Lifted by Jesus

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How are you? You can respond much more than the typical, “Hangin’ in there!” You are more than a survivor; you are victorious in Jesus if you cling to the Lord as the waters rush around you and ... Read More