Love Never Ends

Live Worship today with praise songs by vocalist, Beverly Karlovich and Michael Pinnella, accompanying. See below for the sermon. 545 children at the southern border are unable to be reunited with the... Read More

The Mirror Within

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God longs to be the spouse of our souls, hence the wedding imagery of the Parable of the Wedding Banquet. The 13th century Persian poet, theologian and mystic offers the image in today’s sermon ... Read More

Living in Love

Not only is the Holy Spirit inside us, but we are inside the Holy Spirit. This is the breath of God. Our breathing is one with the ongoing, creative breath of God. These are the four “Breath Pra... Read More

Beyond the Boat

Sermon based on Matthew 14:22-33 Grab only the hand of Jesus stretching out to you in the midst of the swirling waters of your life. The audio has been improved for clarity. See below for the full wor... Read More

In or Out?

Which is it in the midst of the pandemic and the protests: shall I go in or out? Into church buildings or worship outside? Shall I protest in the racial upheaval going in its own way as earth-shaking ... Read More